RHL Evaluations


Intro to Hockey Evaluations

It is mandatory that all players attend evaluations. Please contact Initiation Director, Steven McEwan with all questions or concerns. Groupings will be posted in early September to the website.
Schedule for 2020Coming soon.

Female Evaluations

Female Evaluation process to be announced.

REP Evaluations

It is mandatory that all players and goalies attend each evaluation session for their designated division.  
Cochrane Minor Hockey Evaluation Procedure

Technical Evaluation Drills (no File)

Good afternoon,
Rep tryouts are approaching, please read through this email and the attachments.

There are several FAQ answered throughout the email and attachments.

FUEL Performance will conduct the technical and 5 on 5 evaluations.

Please find the Rep evaluation procedure link with detailed information here

Please find the technical skating drills here (No File)

We will be posting all over the rink an evaluation poster with the evaluation criteria http://www.cochraneminorhockey.com/files/cmha_eval_poster.pdf

The 2020 tryouts will have similar guidelines as previous years;
  • 24 hour no contact rule after teams are released, this will be strictly followed, please respect this rule. Emails/phone calls will not be responded to until after the 24hr cool-down period. Please read about CMHA’s respect and discipline policy found here
  • The schedule has been posted on the CMHA website, Click here for the schedule link.
  • If your athlete is injured, they will be required to provide a medical doctors note to miss tryouts  All injuries will follow CMHA’s operation policy
  • We have a great list of FAQ’s about the hockey operations found here 
  • Every ice time during evaluations your athlete is being evaluated/scored  and effects their overall ranking
  • The technical skating scores are not carried forward to 5on5, however, they are weighted for the 5on5 evaluation as they dictate which group your athlete goes into.
  • On occasion, the evaluation team may need to talk with one or all of the evaluators during the 5on5 play, usually, this is to help locate a player or help with a technical error with connecting to wifi etc. This contact is unavoidable, the evaluation team is simply trying to help the evaluators solve a problem.
  • The entire evaluation has oversight, CMHA President, VP operations, VP administration, Evaluation Lead, divisional captains all oversee the entire evaluation process. All involved recuse themselves when their child is involved at their respected division.
Evaluator responsibility
  • Remain impartial during the evaluation process.
  • Report any attempts to approach, influence or interfere with them before, during, or after the evaluation process to the appropriate designate. At this point, it will be submitted to the grievance committee chair for investigation as per the Grievance Committee Procedure.
  • Maintain fair, consistent, and comprehensive evaluation of a player’s total hockey skills. Maintain confidentiality of player scores and rankings at all times.
  • Ensure the confidentiality and integrity of the information collected during the process.
  • No use of cell phones during the evaluation on-ice session, unless an emergency. In a rare case, the evaluator may have to use their cell phone to access and score on the evaluation app if we have several evaluations going at one time.
  • Evaluation application is an encrypted system where the evaluator is the only person that can change or modify their athlete scoring, they create a login and password before evaluations (similar to a Gmail or similar email login) CMHA can only access the evaluator’s scores as an overall ranking.
Below is a list of “Tryout & Scouting Tips” that were given to us by Mark Howe (Director of Pro Scouting, Detroit Red Wings (NHL)).  We feel these are useful for any young hockey player looking for advice on how to stand out among their peers.
 These are tailored to the upcoming tryout, but would also serve as a great pre-game "checklist" to review.  Please print and review these with your Athlete prior to the upcoming tryout.
 1)  Play to Your Strength - don’t try to become a player that you are not on the day of the tryout.  Identify what you are best attributes are as a hockey player and prove that you are the best player at the tryout in those specific areas.  Example: If you are a stay-at-home defenseman, don’t try to rush the puck all of the time.  Do what you do best and shut down other teams’ best players every time you’re on the ice.
 2)  Get Noticed! - Don’t just blend in with the crowd.  You must make a positive impact to get the attention of an evaluator.  Please don’t think that only means scoring or setting up goals.  Some examples of getting noticed (positively) are:
• Make crisp/accurate passes in all areas of the ice. (Setting up scoring opportunities for example)
• Use good body positioning and angles defensively (tryout will be non-checking for Novice, Atom, and Peewee)
• Be a vocal leader with your teammates
• Be a team player.  Move the puck in all areas of the ice, don't try to do it all by yourself
• Play a 2-way hockey game, always back-checking with a purpose to help your teammates out 
• Win face-offs & make sure your man does not beat you off the draw
• Make simple/smart plays with the puck
• Opportunistic goal scoring
• Compete level is critical in hockey. Win your 1-on-1 battles
• Be aggressive on the puck at all times
• Play on top of the crease and stay square to the shooter (Goalies)
• Control your rebounds (Goalies)
• Consistency and Confidence!  Make the routine saves. If a goal goes in, refocus and keep battling.  Goalies need to exude confidence in all situations while in the net.  (Goalies)
3)  Compete Level - As you grow older and hit the Bantam years where scouts start watching for Juniors & NCAA, you typically never know who might be watching you from the stands.  Make sure that you are consistently giving 100% every game or practice and you will never have to worry about this tip.  Compete level is critical to reach higher levels of hockey.  Be consistent and always give your best effort.  You cannot control how well you play every game but you can always control your effort.
 4)  Be a Supportive Teammate - Your character plays a very important role in how successful you will be as a hockey player.  Coaches, scouts, and programs such as ours will always look for players of strong character and leadership qualities.  Whether you are helping a struggling teammate or just giving an honest effort every night, these are qualities that will never be overlooked.  There are countless times where a scout will recognize a player’s skill but will give him bad marks for his lack of character.  So just remember to be a team player and that you need your teammates to be successful.
 5)  Body Language - Your body language on the ice can be a dead giveaway about your character in a hockey game.  Instead of hanging your head low after a mistake or slamming your stick on the ice after a missed scoring opportunity, just go out there and be ready for your next shift.   Players that casually walk up to face-offs and come off the ice slowly after a shift will always appear to be lazy in the eyes of a scout.  Scouts want to see a confident prospect, not a player who deflates after making a mistake or exhibits bad body language after his teammate misses a pass for a goal.
 6)  Have FUN! - Just like in life, your best performances will always be when you are enjoying yourself.  You will not excel in anything you don’t enjoy.  Although you are competing against your peers at the tryout, you should make it a personal goal to leave the tryout with some new friends and as a team, win each game that day.
Good luck to all our athletes.
Cory Oaten | VP Administration
Cochrane Minor Hockey Association 

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