3 draws for a discount on your registration fee:


  • 1st place draw - full initial registration fee credit

  • 2nd place draw - $500 credit to registration

  • 3rd place draw - $250 credit to registration


To qualify for this draw you must be registered by June 5th at 11:59 pm.

If you have any questions please contact registrar@cochraneminorhockey.com

When registering please do NOT use any of the following email addresses as your contact information.  This is critical because due to Microsoft, you will not be able to receive important emails from CMHA, including the Evaluation emails that notify you of when your player will skate next.






If you have an email with one of those addresses please use an alternate email address when registering. (e.g. Google, Outlook, Shaw, Telus, etc.)





Volunteer Bond Policy:

This is to encourage all Association members to become actively involved in the operation of and the overall success of the Association and prospective teams. The Volunteer Bond will be charged at the time of registration if a volunteer job has not been selected. It is recommended that each registration volunteer points add up to 20pts. However, you are not charged if you only have selected up to 10pts. You are only charged the bond if no volunteer position is selected per registration. The Board of Directors recognizes that the Association is only as successful as its volunteers and want to encourage its entire membership to be actively involved in the operation of the Association.

What division should I register for, please refer to the chart below:

Division Age as of 12/31/2023 Birth Year
U5 2019
U7 5 & 6 2017/2018
U9 7 & 8 2015/2016
U11 9 & 10 2013//2014
U13 11 & 12 2011/2012
U15 13 & 14 2009/2010
U16 CAHL REP  15 2008
U18 RHL/FEMALE 15, 16 & 17 2006/2007/2008
U18 CAHL REP 16 to 17 2006/2007

Please make sure to review all the information below before starting your registration.  

Email: registrar@cochraneminorhockey.com

Office Hours - 9:30 am - 4:30 pm and by appointment only in the evenings.

RAMP is our website provider for our registration process. If you previously have a RAMP account with another organization, you can use that to login from our link. If you do not you will be required to create a new account. Please be sure to update your parent contact information as well as we do need the correct date of births for parents for our records. 

All returning players from 2022-2023 Cochrane Minor Hockey are guaranteed a spot if they register by June 15th, after June 15th your spot may not be available and you may be waitlisted. It is important to register during the timeline provided for all returning players. 

Website link http://cochraneminorhockey.com/

Registration Period:

  • June 1st - June 15th - Online Registration will commence for all returning players that were assigned to a team in the 2022-2023 season (including out of boundary players) @ 9:00 am along with new to Cochrane Minor Hockey siblings registering in U7.
  • June 16th - July 31st - Registration opens to players new to CMH @ 9:00 a.m. that are within the Cochrane Minor Hockey Boundaries. Players new to CMH include those which have never been registered with CMH and are within the Hockey Alberta boundary for Cochrane. cochraneminorhockeymap_2.pdf (rampinteractive.com)
  • Out of boundary players that were not registered to a Cochrane Minor Hockey team in 2022-2023 season can sign up via google form HERE to be waitlisted until August 1st, at that time we will review our registrations and determine if we have spots available. If an out of boundary player has registered early in error this registration will be removed and you will receive an email to complete the google form.
  • Any players with outstanding fees from the 2022-2023 season will be restricted from registering until fees are paid from the previous season. 
  • Online registration will close on July 31, 2023, If you register after July 31, 2023 you will be subject to an additional fee of $250, be put on a waiting list and/or possibly not be placed on a team sufficient to your players skill level. (Exception U7. U9, AA import players)   

Once registration numbers are determined for program choices, communication regarding the number of transitions from REP to RHL will be sent out.

Player Positions - this is very important so make sure you select the correct position for your player.

Changes to registration after August 1st, 2023 will have a $150 change fee, so please ensure you select the correct program for your player at the time of registration. There will be absolutely NO changes after August 31st.

Please be sure that your player position is correct on the registration as positions will not be changed.  (This only applies to U13, U15 & U18 and U11 if your player is a goaltender) We will not be sending out a confirmation for positions, it is the responsibility of the person registering to make sure this has been entered correctly. U13/U15/U18 please indicate FORWARD, DEFENSE or GOALTENDER on player position when registering, U11 please select N/A or GOALTENDER. 

U7/U9 please select N/A as a player position (goalies are not designated in these divisions).  


Important things to remember:

  • Reminder, when registering you will now be required to enter your HA Respect in Sport certificate number. If you do not have this or if it is expired, you will not be able to complete your registration. Please visit the following link to view your certificate number or to recertify your RIS.   https://hockeyalbertaparent.respectgroupinc.com/
  • All new registrants are required to complete the Hockey Alberta Respect in Sport Parent Course https://hockeyalbertaparent.respectgroupinc.com/
  • AA imports and AAA players please go to the links below to review the process, permission forms are no longer required.

            AA Hockey | Hockey Alberta

            Elite Male Hockey Model (AAA) | Hockey Alberta

  • Registrations received with Box # As the address will be removed and refunded fully, please make sure you have your Legal Land description address, all rural registrations must include LSD "legal land description". 
  • Registrations received without a certified Respect in Sport Parent will be removed immediately. So please check and make sure your RIS is NOT expired. If expired or not completed please complete this prior to registering to avoid removal.


Click HERE for 2023-2024 Registration Fees  


$75 of registration fee is a non-refundable processing fee.

For the individuals who worked the casino we will manually be adding the $100 credit once registration is received. 

There is a late payment fee of $25.00 for each installment payment if they fail to be processed. You are responsible for updating your credit card information in RAMP if you change credit cards, replace your credit card etc.

The initial fee is the same for all programs depending on your division. Once you have been rostered to a team the additional fees for REP and AA will be added. All final REP fees are due Oct 15th.

THE INITIAL FEE AMOUNT MUST BE PAID IN FULL BY SEPTEMBER 1st. Registrations with outstanding fees may be removed if not paid in FULL or IF a fee payment plan has not been approved by the administrator. 

Pre-Season Camps:  

Pre-Season Camp Fees: Each camp includes 4 ice sessions, these camps run August 21th - August 31st. You will have the option to sign up for morning, afternoon, or both. 

Details and cost of camps available

  • U7 Beginner Hockey $175 for 4 sessions (45 mins)
  • U7 Skills and Skating $175 for 4 sessions (45 mins)
  • U7 Conditioning Camp $175 for 4 sessions (45 mins)
  • *U7/U9 - Pre-Evaluation Camp - FREE*
  • U9 Skills and Skating $175 for 4 sessions (45 mins)
  • U9 Conditioning Camp $175 for 4 sessions (45 mins)
  • U11 - U18 Skills and Skating $225 for 4 sessions (60 mins)
  • U11 - U18 Conditioning Camp $225 for 4 sessions (60 mins)
  • *U11 - Pre-Evaluation Camp - FREE*
  • GOALIE PRE-SEASON CAMP $250 for 4 sessions (60 mins)
  • AA CONDITIONING CAMP - $250 for 4 sessions (60 mins)

*All U7/U9/U11’s will receive a FREE Pre-Evaluation clinic which are scheduled are August. This is different from the Pre-Season Conditioning Camps. 4 sessions in total. Each player will have 4 ice times and will be placed according to last year's team placement. Please complete a registration for this camp as well so we have accurate numbers to make groupings. Do not register if the player will not be attending.

Requests for specific groups will not be accepted, groupings are determined by birth year where indicated.

All camps are NON Refundable unless accompanied by a doctor's note.       

CA “Cochrane Arena” located at 609 - 4th Avenue N, Cochrane

Totem 1-2-3 located at Spray Lake Sawmill Family Sports Centre - 800 Griffin Road, Cochrane, Alberta

Conditioning Camp $250

  • U13 AA (September 5/6/7/8)
  • U15 AA (September 5/6/7/8)
  • U18 AA (September 11/12/13/14)

Tryouts $225 

  • U11 AA (September 12/13/14/15/16)
  • U13 AA (September 9/10/12/13/15/16/17)
  • U15 AA (September 9/10/12/13/15/16/17)
  • U18 AA (September 16/18/20/22/23/24)


To Register for the U16 AA(HAVOC), U15 AAA(XTREME), U17 AAA(AC AVALANCHE)AND U18 AAA(BISONS) tryouts and conditioning camp please see Airdrie Minor Hockey’s Website

Critical Information

Evaluations Information (these dates are all subject to change) Schedule will be posted to the website early August.

  • Attendance at goalie or player technical sessions is mandatory for all divisions.
  • Goaltender technical evaluations are scheduled for August 28th - August 31st this includes all import goalies trying out for BVTW AA.
  • Player technical evaluations are scheduled for September 9th & 10th.
  • U7 evaluations are scheduled for September 23rd/24th. U9 game evaluations are scheduled for September 23rd/24th.

Please note that it is very important that all players and goaltenders attend evaluations for the consideration of all the programs. CMHA strives to ensure a positive hockey experience is achieved and that all teams are formed accordingly.

Evaluation sessions and groupings will not be posted until the technical rankings are complete.

Evaluation schedule will be posted in August to the website. 

AA and AAA program notes

  • All players that are trying out for AAA or Female Elite hockey must also register with Cochrane Minor Hockey prior to commencing AAA or Elite try-outs. If you are successful and secure a spot on a AAA team, please notify registrar@cochraneminorhockey.com for a refund.
  • All players trying out for AA programs that are CMHA members will be notified of the additional fee once they have secured a position on the roster.  These fees are split into 3 installments due on October 1st, November 1st and December 1st.  Fees that are not received by this deadline will result in the player being unable to participate until the remaining fees are paid in full.

The BVTW AA players are required to be committed to 2 practices per week, as well as approximately a 36 league game schedule. U11/U13/U15 AA have 1 practice per week in Morley depending on yearly practice schedule review.

Female Elite Tryouts

U13 AA/U15 AA/U18 AA Female Elite is hosted by Airdrie Minor Hockey. To register for these tryouts please visit their websites, a reminder as well that you still must be registered with Cochrane Minor Hockey Association.

Refund Policy

  •      On or Before September. 1st 100% less processing fee $75
  •      After September 1st 75% less processing fee $75
  •      Once you have been assigned to a team there will be NO refund.

CMHA ADMINISTRATOR, MUST BE NOTIFIED IN WRITING OF THE REQUEST FOR WITHDRAWAL. A $75.00 processing fee will be deducted from all refunds.  administrator@cochraneminorhockey.com

  • Refund requests due to injuries, illness or a move will be reviewed by our Administrator and a doctor's note will be required within 2 weeks of the date of the injury. After December 31st there will be no refunds. 
  • There is a late payment fee of $25.00 for each installment if they are not processed. You are responsible for updating your credit card information in RAMP if you change credit cards, replace your credit card etc.

All camps and clinics are NON Refundable unless accompanied by a doctor's note.




CMHA offers the Bow Valley Timberwolves AA program for U13, U15, U18 players who want to play hockey at a high level, and are interested in pursuing AAA and Junior hockey.  Please see the AAA and AA hockey pages for more information.  Timberwolves encourage registration from Banff, Canmore, Cremona, and Morley athletes as well as residents in the Cochrane Minor Hockey Association. 

Teams compete in the South Central Alberta Hockey League (SCAHL). The current program standard is 2 practices per week and 2-3 games per weekend. The Season Schedule consists of 36 games plus playoffs. 

Number of teams: 

1 U11 HADP - 15 players/2 goaltenders

1 U13 AA - 15 players/2 goaltenders

1 U15 AA - 17 players/2 goaltenders

1 U18 AA - 17 players/2 goaltenders

League runs from September to March. Playoffs are a tournament format starting in March. The AA program follows the Hockey Alberta AA Model:

  • Develop players where similarly skilled players compete against each other
  • The standardized province-wide system that ensures competitive balance¦      
  • Provide players a developmental system that focuses on skill development, and acts as a “feeder” system to our “Elite” AAA

AAA https://www.airdriehockey.com/acaa-aaa-teams


CMHA offers a traditional competitive Rep program for male and interested female players. This is competitive hockey and involves travel to other southern and central Alberta towns.  The Rep program is a tiered program - athletes go through a competitive evaluation process and are placed on tiered teams according to skill level.  Rep teams participate in the Central Alberta Hockey League www.cahlhockey.net   Cochrane Minor Hockey supports the number of teams determined by registration numbers and ice availability for the REP program. 

Current program standard is 2 practices per week for U11, U13, U15 and U18. 1 - 2 games per weekend.

Regular Season schedules can vary from 14-18 games,

Tiering Season - Central Alberta Hockey League strives to see all teams play 6-8 games in a 4 week period. A total of 20-26 games plus playoffs as well tournaments that teams register for. An average number of games per season for a REP team is 32-42.

 Female Rep

CMHA offers a competitive female program for U11 through U18 female hockey players. The U11, U13, U15 and U18 Female teams play within a league (i.e. RMFHL, CAHL) directed by the Board of Directors of CMH on the advice of the Female Director, and therefore the league will determine the boundaries. Female Rep has tiered hockey with players placed on teams after competitive evaluations, but the number of teams per age-group will depend upon registration numbers. Individuals trying out for U13 AA, U15 AA AND U18 AA Female teams please register with Cochrane Minor Hockey first and then register through Airdrie Minor Hockey for AA tryouts. 

Current program standard  is 2 practices per week for U11, U13, U15 and U18. 1 - 2 games per weekend. 

The number of teams in each division is determined by registration numbers and ice availability.

RHL “Rockies Hockey League”

CMHA also offers a recreational/competitive hockey program. These teams participate in the Rockies Hockey League. Players are divided into tiers determined by the RHL and balanced teams are formed to play against balanced teams from other minor hockey associations. Current program standard - 1 practice per week all max ice (½ ½ ½). U11, U13, U15 and U18 teams receive ½ full ice practice and ½ shared ice practice during the weekly scheduled practice time. 

The number of teams in each division is determined by registration numbers and ice availability.

The total number of players may vary due to registration numbers. CMH reserves the right to maximize rosters to the HA regulation size.

Intro to Hockey


U7 - 16 players per team and consists of players that are 5 and 6 years old and runs on Saturday and Sunday mornings, following the Hockey Canada and Hockey Alberta Intro to Hockey model.  U7 is a development program which means there is no travel and is focused on fun, fair and safe experiences. The number of teams is determined by registration numbers and ice availability.

U9 - 9 players per team consists of players 7 and 8-year-olds, practices/games run Saturday and Sunday mornings and additional 45 minute weekly practice on a weekday, following the Hockey Canada and Hockey Alberta Intro to Hockey model. Players will go through technical evaluations/game evaluations and will be assigned a ranking based on their skill level. Teams will be created so all teams are balanced within their tiers. The number of teams is determined by registration numbers and ice availability. Approximately 9 players per team.


U21 - 23 players, 1 practice per week and 1 game, this team plays under Hockey Calgary Junior C league. Tryouts are held in September.


If you have any questions regarding the Program your player is registering in please contact the appropriate Director. 


CMHA General FAQS - 2023/2024 Season

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